Adventures in space and time


Virtox is run by Stijn van der Linden.
With a background in biomedical electrotechnical engineering and software developing, he is now working as as a freelance soft- and hardware designer en 3d-print artist.

At the beginning of 2009 he had his first 3d designs printed by Shapeways. Since then Virtox spends almost each spare moment thinking up new sculptures, designs and jewelry. Inspiration comes from nature, technology and mathematics, with a drive to explore the limits of new technologies. This results in unique objects, which are exclusive to 3d-printing.

For example the kinetic sculptures, like “Gyro the Cube”, concentric cubes which can’t be taken apart, but are able to rotate freely within each other. Or the strands of “Gyroid Bones”, which can never be
disentangled. But also the simple, yet elegant “Evolutionary” series of
bowls, lamps and pendants, which is very hard to create using traditional techniques.

Meaning of “Virtox”
None intended, but depending on your cultural background and education, you might see all sorts of meaning 😉

After being ambushed by a very awkward couple “with classical education” at the DDW, I decided to clarify things a bit.
The poor couple was under the impression that since both Vir as Tox are reminiscent of latin words, it could only mean “poisonous man”.
But depending on your angle, it might come from “Ver : to see”, perhaps even the Hindu “Vir: Revolution”
Furthermore, Latin only borrowed Tox from the greek Toxon (Bow)..

But then again Vir might just be a Croation Island.. And Tox just a village in France..
So, spare yourself the time, and just accept not everything has a meaning 😉

I like it as I am fond of things like vortex and vertex, not uncommon in the world of 3d printing 😉