Adventures in space and time

Evolutionary twin-shell pendants in Antique bronze

All four stages of Evolution : Ando, Eno, Eve and Adam

The evolutionary shells, I finally got a complete set 8)

Let me introduce you:

Adam, male, looking sharp

Adam in Matte Bronze

Adam is wearing the latest in Bronze Matte material and is available here:

I want Adam!

Next on the catwalk:

Eve, female, lovely curved

Eve in Glossy Bronze

Eve is elegantly showing of the new Bronze Glossy material and is available here:

I want Eve!

Then evolution continues with:

Ando, male or female but a bit two-faced

Ando in Matte Bronze

Ando decided to go with Matte Bronze and is available here:

I want Ando!


And last, or should I say first:

Eno, the origin of it all, unblemished

Eno in Glossy Bronze

Eno feels at its best in Glossy Bronze and is available here:

I want Eno!


Probably not the last we will see of this elegant family.
Breeding like rabbits, it probably won’t be too long until some amazing new offspring will arrive. And who knows what they will wear?

Thank you for reading ! 🙂


Stijn / Virtox

Adam Twin-shell

Adam Twin-shell, originally uploaded by virtox.

A cute double sided decorative bowl, available in WSF and Matte Glass.

One in a family of four.