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Guess what I’m building?

Shopping List:
2 x 2pcs Diameter 16mm(h6) *600mm long – Carbon Steel W16 (Exeter UK, eBay)
2 x 8pcs LM16UU 16mm Linear Ball Bearing Bush Bushing (Hong Kong, eBay)
1 x Aluminium Sheet 4mm x 500mm x 500mm (Redruth, UK, eBay)
4 x 600mm Stainless steel threaded rod M10 (Tilburg, NL, Hornbach)
4 x Stainless steel M10 Nut (Tilburg, NL, Hornbach)
4 x Stainless steel M10 Lock Nut (Tilburg, NL, Hornbach)
8 x 10T5-21 6.35mm Bore Timing Belt Pulley (Mount Annan NSW, AU, eBay)
10m x T5 10mm Wide Open Timing Belt (Mount Annan NSW, AU, eBay)
1 x 4 Axis TB6560 Driver Controller Board 1/16Microstep, 12-30V, 3A (CN, eBay)
4 x 57BYGH56-401A Single-Shaft Stepper Motors 1.26Nm 2.8A (CN, eBay)
1 x 24V 15A DC power supply (CN, eBay)
1 x PLA 4043D 3mm filament on Spool, 2,3kg, Blue-Translucent (Munchengladbach, DE)
8 x Bearing 608 ZZ (tbd)
24 x Bearing 624 ZZ (tbd)

Add some FDM printed ABS parts.

T.B.C 😉

2 Responses to “Guess what I’m building?”

  1. Hi Virtox
    I am really curious as to what you were making, is it a Reprap ? =)

  2. Sort of, I’m designing and building a big brother (50x50x50 cm volume) for and with my little Up! 😉
    Not sure whether it is reprap or repstrap . Progress is slow but steady though 🙂

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