Adventures in space and time

Quark Jewelry

A couple of years ago, I realized the first part of this project “Quarks”.
A line of science inspired jewelry, bases on the intricate motion of sub-atomic particles in magnetic fields, such as visualized in bubble chambers:


I simulated the motion of particles in magnetic fields and varied speeds, masses, charges and fields to create complex and elegant patterns.

Old Quarks

But I got myself into some trouble there, the plastic at the time was a bit boring, many variations were not printable in metals.

And I found only few to be really good enough, but then people wanted earrings, bigger, smaller etc.

I was just not set up for that kind of demand, so I moved on for a while.

Then a couple of months ago, I wanted to revive this and make it work better and this is when I stumbled upon MixeeLabs of MixeeMe fame.

It just so happens they were working on a platform that would allow artists and designers to easily create web-apps using JavaScript with the sole purpose of creating customizable 3d prints!
A match made in heaven 😀

And we are very proud that “Quark Jewelry” is one of the MixeeLabs launch projects!

Quark Jewelry! Make your own!

Quark New

Go check it out! Now! 😀


Personalized Eardrops

You can order a pair of Personalized Eardrops in my Shapeways shop

While I was still getting my bearings in the blogosphere and slowly finding my way amongst some very good design blogs.
To my great amazement, my design for the Personalized Eardrops got picked up around several of them !
Wow 🙂 My first real steps into publicity !
There are so many amazing designs featured out there, that I feel humbled, yet honored to be featured 🙂
But I would like to thank Duann Scott for picking up on my designs and starting a buzz!
Anyway, check out these blogs for some excellent stuff !
(in no particular order)

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Twiggy earrings

Twiggy earrings, originally uploaded by virtox.

Twiggy earrings

A perfect match, two stainless steel earrings.

Available at :