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Gyro the Dodo

When Shapeways introduced Alumide for the first time a few months back, I finalized “Gyro the Dodo”, an Ode to “Gyro the Cube” and its fans 🙂
With a more facetted and yet organic look I had hoped to create something a little sci-fu. (not a typo)
Unfortunately the Alumide proved to be too brittle for that specific design, and I had no time to redesign it before the Alumide trial period was over.
So to test the mechanics, I instead printed it in the White Strong & Flexible material :

One day soon, I hope to dye or paint it in some cool colors. (Anyone know a good place to buy pearl/bi-color paint in spray cans ?)

You can buy the model here in white, black, blue, terra or limestone colored strong & flexible

As for the Alumide.. It was re-introduced recently, a bit more expensive, but I will probably redesign the Dodo to be compatible (read : Larger !)

Thanks for reading !

3 Responses to “Gyro the Dodo”

  1. Can you tell me what clearances you used for this? 🙂


  2. Well, there is no “in situ” clearance for the hinges as the hinges have to pop into place after printing.
    I don’t have the exact data at hand, but I think the clearance is 0.2 mm
    As I usually shrink all contacting surfaces by 0.1mm
    And the distance between the separate rings is around 2mm I think.

  3. Ah, just watched the video more carefully now 😉

    I thought they were all free rotating rings but they’re just attached at a couple of points on what you call hinges I see 🙂

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