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Julia Vase #011 - Heatwave by Virtox

Julia Vase #011 – Heatwave by Virtox


It is our great pleasure to share free design files for personal use to the AWESOME maker community on this globe.
And the continuing thanks we receive, really means the world to us!

However, since “thanks” is not yet a valid currency 😉 we humbly ask:

Do you like/download or print one of our designs?
Then please consider a donation, any amount is welcome!

Bitcoin: 13h9PYZKmi9DbAKjEGhjJ7WbMFT4o7oNsr
Litecoin: LLSboRBxoYPpELAogHkGG19Mh8c7YZmxan
Bank/IBAN: NL19RABO0143055216

Fine print.
Donations do not give any rights for commercial use of our work.
And it does not change the CC license in any way, the designs are still only shared under CC-BY-NC-ND.
You will however gain my eternal gratitude for your support! 🙂

Other options.
Donations not your thing? You can always show your support by buying something in my Shapeways Shop 🙂

So, business that bad, huh?
Well not really, but once you start sharing designs for free personal use, there is no real control over what people do with them.
And we, as well as many other designers, have been suffering from continued commercial abuse of our works by various parties.
Our CC-BY-NC-ND models or prints have been sold, used in product and company advertising and promotions without permission and often even without attribution.
It takes a lot of time, money and effort to get these things sorted out and financial compensation seldom happens.

Commercial use.
For commercial use of any kind please contact us for licensing info and fees.
The commercial fees are very reasonable and allow us to produce more great designs for sharing.
Commercial use includes but is not limited to:

– Selling prints or pictures by either individuals or companies.
– Showing prints or pictures for promotional or advertisement purposes. (For example promotion of your filament, printer or service etc).

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