Adventures in space and time

Quark Jewelry

A couple of years ago, I realized the first part of this project “Quarks”.
A line of science inspired jewelry, bases on the intricate motion of sub-atomic particles in magnetic fields, such as visualized in bubble chambers:


I simulated the motion of particles in magnetic fields and varied speeds, masses, charges and fields to create complex and elegant patterns.

Old Quarks

But I got myself into some trouble there, the plastic at the time was a bit boring, many variations were not printable in metals.

And I found only few to be really good enough, but then people wanted earrings, bigger, smaller etc.

I was just not set up for that kind of demand, so I moved on for a while.

Then a couple of months ago, I wanted to revive this and make it work better and this is when I stumbled upon MixeeLabs of MixeeMe fame.

It just so happens they were working on a platform that would allow artists and designers to easily create web-apps using JavaScript with the sole purpose of creating customizable 3d prints!
A match made in heaven 😀

And we are very proud that “Quark Jewelry” is one of the MixeeLabs launch projects!

Quark Jewelry! Make your own!

Quark New

Go check it out! Now! 😀