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Personal Portable 3D Printer “Up!” – Short review

Hi everyone,

It was bound to happen one day, but way sooner than I had expected 🙂
Many thanks to Whystler for the tips on Ponoko!
And I was lucky enough to get the huge discount they offered.
So, I got myself an Up! From a Chinese company, dedicated to the pp3dp (personal portable 3d printer).
See their site at, sometimes a bit creaking under all the attention.
Please have patience, it’s small company with a big mission, but so far doing very well!

Here a short review of the machine and it’s features:

Plug & Play
The printer is a smaller “rep-rap” type printer. looks and feels very sturdy, and uses linear bearing slider thingamajigs.
The build volume is 140mmx140mmx135mm with a 0.2(5)mm resolution.
It eats 1.73mm ABS filament and produces anything one can imagine :

First run
The very first run, two magnet clips, a fractal and my logo:

First run
First run – printing

First run 2
First run – *peep* your print is ready.

First run 3
The cleanded lot

Quaternion Julia Taffee
Quaternion Julia : Taffee

Second run:
Whirlwindy vases
Whirlwindy vase @ standard settings

No supports
Look ma: no hands err.. supports!


Then I got carried away :
Printing Shelllight
Printing one of my favorites

Lots of supprts
OMG need to tweak the support settings, it build a city! 😉


The last one, was way too thin, I was a bit too optimistic.
The supports also definitely need some tweaking there, getting it all out was hell, and I managed crack it several times.
All in all, still learning, but getting the hang of it.
The first thing to go is my minimalist (shapeways) approach for this!
No more hollow objects!

It is awkward to watch this little machine works it’s magic though.
It does it so meticulously, you almost feel sorry for the miles of abs it has to lay down 😉
Oh well, long live automation 🙂



Some of these models are available at: